December 31, 2002

New York International Numismatic Convention: New York City January 16-19 2003 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. More than 100 bourse tables. Auctions, Ancient and Foreign Coins. World Coin News Vol 30 No 1 January 2003 has detailed information including list of booth holders. Other information is available from 414-421-3484, .

December 28, 2002

Mail Auction at Simmons Gallery: MAILBID 24 is a Postal Auction of tokens, medals and exonumia featuring British Tokens, Mining Tokens, Tallies & Medals, Welsh Tokens, German Colonial Tokens & Medals and much more with a closing date of Wednesday January 8th 2003 at 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time. Catalog is online at Simmons Gallery.

December 18, 2002

Reference Book Search: Search links for finding copies of specific key Conder references at ABEBOOKS.COM as well as a search box for ABECOOKS.COM have been added to the Bibliography page.

December 16, 2002

News Groups: A link that uses Google to extract Conder Token references in News Groups has been added to the Other Resources page.

December 05, 2002

Research as GENUKI: A link to GENUKI - a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information of UK and Ireland - has been added to the Other Resources page.

December 01, 2002

Nice Tokens: Not conders but ... DNW’s last coin auction of 2002, comprising 1,063 lots and set for Wednesday 11 December, will feature the first part of the important token collection formed by the late Mrs Eileen Judson, namely her extensive series of over 350 17th-century tokens of Essex. The collection, put together largely in the 1960s and 1970s, includes a number of great rarities and is of particular specialist appeal. The auction will also include the Dr E.J. Harris collection of the coins of Edward I and II, the collection of London 17th century tokens formed by the late Mrs Dora Harris, the collection of Scottish communion tokens formed by Norman Brodie and 18th and 19th century British tokens from two other collections. More info is available at Dix Noonan Web from Conders for Sale page.

November 30, 2002

Site Revisions: I've given the site a modest "makover" that was long over due - mostly just moving in and sorting links from the discussion group but also providing an email address to me that actually works!
Conder Token Discussion Group: A Yahoo Discussion Group has been started for Conder enthusiasts. Give it a try.