Gregg Moore: The current president of the Conder Token Collector's Club, Gregg Moore shares some thoughts on collecting, on the Club and on upcoming events that should be of interest to Conder enthusiasts. (June 2004)

George Selgin: George is a Professor of Economics with the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia who is currently writing a book based on his ongoing research into private coinage. During our email exchange I was amazed at the energy and expertise that George has. This energy and expertise can also be found in his book, "Good Money", which addresses an "episode involving copper coinage that took place in Britain from 1787 to 1797" which should be of considerable interest to conder enthusiasts. (Apr 2004)

Joel Spingarn: Joel, long time and still very active collector, discusses some of his favorite tokens, the founding of the Conder Token Collector's Club, and offers some key advice on collecting. (Feb 2004)

Larry Gaye: While writing back and forth with Larry I was reminded again of the importance condition and background research can have in collecting. I also found myself drawn to the Byzantine items that are Larry's other collecting interest. (Dec 2003)

Bill McKivor: Bill is a collector and dealer with a perspective on "emergency coinage" that any numismatic enthusiast can readily appreciate. We exchanged a series of emails recently where Bill shared his insight on Conders and more. (May 2003)

Gary Sriro: Gary is a collector whose enthusiasm and expertise is immediately obvious in what he writes or says on the subject of Conder tokens. I spoke with him on the phone one evening in early April 2003 and Gary had a lot to say that should be of interest not just to Conder collectors, but to all collectors. (April 2003)

David Stuart: I'm hoping David's candid and informative exchange with me on Conders is only the first of many such discussions that will be available on this site . (March 2003)