August 15, 2007

TOPNEWS text message screen sampleUseful(?)Text Message Tools: So you're nowhere near your computer and you just absolutely need to know the price of gold or what the bid is on a conder token auction you are following? No problem ... well not if you have a cell phone handy and small, nimble thumbs ... simply text "goldspot" to 41411 to get the latest spot price and trends on gold ...and for latest bid info as well as closing time on that token just text the word "auction" plus a space followed by the item number of the auction ... once again to 41411 ... and yes, you will have to know a 12 digit auction number to use this last tool. Then there is "topnews" followed by name or subject you are looking for news about, such as "stolen coins", to get recent headline on that name or subject. Also be advised that text message rates of 10-20 cents per message may apply depending on your phone service plan.