March 24, 2006

DNW Auction Results: DNW web site has recently posted a recap of highlights from their 16 March Auction which included the second and final part of the high-quality collection of 18th century tokens formed by the Pennsylvania collector David Litrenta, a good collection of London 18th century tokens, and a group of duplicate tokens from the collection of David Griffiths. Prices realized for all lots are available. Go to the DNW site now ...

March 10, 2006

Phil Flanagan, Copper Corner and CTCC Promo Offers: There has to be something in the most recent emails from Bill McKivor of Copper Corner that you will want. First look at the list of 19th Century Silver Token Stock from the collection of Phillip Flanagan ... the proceeds from this sale all go to Phil to help with his medical bills. Next take a look at the short list of Conder Tokens from Copper Corner stock Bill has sent as a prelude to the 12 page list he is promising for April. Third, you need to look at the book list offering many of the standard references for 17th, 18th, 19th Century Tokens and more. Most of these items are ex libras Phillip Flanagan ... and all the funds from the books owned by Phil go to him. Finally, there is an offer from CTCC and Gary Sriro that each NEW two year CTCC membership of $55 or £32 in the UK, will receive Gary's outstanding Conder Token SCAN CD for FREE (a $39 value ... see January 31 item below), eight issues of the CTCC quarterly Journal, and a 2 year membership to the CTCC - the only club in the world devoted exclusively to Conder tokens!! This offer is only available to new memberships and not to current or previous club members.

Well? What are you waiting for? Have you found some tokens or books you need? And joined CTCC yet?

If you're not getting Bill's lists sent directly to you via email, you should be. Bill can be reached at .