July 26, 2005

ABC Coins and Tokens Updated: David Stuart has sent out an announcement that the English 18th Century Conder Tokens section of the Alnwick British & Colonial Coins & Tokens web site has just been updated with many new items. As always, to be fair to everyone, ABC Coin and Tokens' policy is "first come first served" so best take a look at these new items now.

July 19, 2005

Conder Token Scan CD: I've had Gary Sriro's Token Identifier CD for some time and have found it very useful but only just picked up his Scan CD last week ... wow ... this thing is great ... it has 2,700+ beautiful scans on the 2005 issue with updated rarity levels. This CD is more than worth the current price of $36.50 plus $3.00 S&H and is an essential addition to the reference library of any Conder collector. Gary can be reached at gsriro@adelphia.net for orders or additional information.

July 02, 2005

Conders at Spink: The latest additions to the online coins stock lists at www.spink.com are in the Trade Tokens categories (17th, 18th and 19th centuries). The URL that will take you directly to the stock search pages is http://www.spink.com/asp/stocklistsearch.asp and there were 50 very nice 18th century tokens when I looked this morning.