April 20, 2006

Conder Token Collector's Journal Vol XI Number 1 Spring 2006 #39
CTCC Journal Volume XI Number 1 Spring 2006: The latest copy of the Conder Token Collector's Club publication, the cover of which is shown to the left, arrived in the mail this week. Features include "Token Tales - Tokens Portray Market Crosses" by R.C. Bell, "What Lies Beneath Middlesex 925" by Gregg A. Silvis, "The Braintree and Bocking Issues (D&H Essex 3-3a, 4-4e)" by Tony Fox, "What I'm Reading (A Review of The Great Arc)" by Tom Fredette and more ... including of course the "Token Exchange and Mart". The quarterly Journal comes with membership in the Conder Token Collector's Club and is very much an essential reference for Conder collectors and enthusiasts worldwide ... not just for the articles but for the sense of community one gets by reading what others in the field are interested in and what they are doing. Contact Rachel Irish (mrIrish5@adelphia.net) for further CTCC membership info or visit the Conder Token Collector's Club web site for further CTCC info.

April 04, 2006

Copper Corner List #44: Bill McKivor of The Copper Corner has sent out List #44 for April-June 2006 offering a wide variety of items for sale including almost six full pages of 18th Century Conder tokens as well as another six pages of 17th Century tokens, 19th Century tokens, reference books for token collectors, Hard Times tokens, Medals and more. If you're not getting Bill's lists sent directly to you via email you should be. Bill can be reached at Copperman@thecoppercorner.com .