May 25, 2003

Additions to Other Resources: Recent additions to this site's Other Resources page include a link to Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS) and a link to an article on the Mott Token.

May 03, 2003

CTCC Journal Volume VIII Number 1 Spring 2003: My copy arrived in the mail today. Great articles this issue include "Two Tokens of John Voss" by Mike Grogan, "Token Tales - England's Inland Waterways" by R.C. Bell, "Mysterious Plymouth Shilling Token" by Frank Gorsler, "Who the Heck is Demosthenes" by Richard Bartlett, "John of Gaunt - At the Throne of Kings" by Tom Fredette, "Skidmore Churches in the City of London" by Simon Monks and "Boulton, Watt -- and Serendipity" by Bill McKivor with intriquing story behind his collection of medals and tokens from the families of Boulton and Watt available for viewing online at The Copper Corner. The quarterly Journal comes with membership in Conder Token Collector's Club. Contact Gregg Moore ( for further membership info.

May 02, 2003

Next Simmons Token Catalogue: Simmons Gallery reports that they're working on their next tokens catalogue and it should be out and on the net beginning of June with the auction closing mid July. Gallery currently has an ART DECO ART MODERNE Exhibition as well as a BRITISH HISTORICAL MEDALS Postal Auction worth looking into.