December 20, 2003

ANA Summer Seminar 2004: Jerry Bobbe, CTCC#4 and issuer of the Token Examiner, will be doing an evening mini-seminar on conders with a focus on the history, manufacturing procedures and the coins themselves. This class meets from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 4-6 July. More info on the ANA Summer Seminar 2004 is available at the ANA site.

December 10, 2003

New Interview: Discussion with Larry Gaye of the Byzantine Coin Store is now available under Interviews on the menu at the left along with previous interviews from several other conder "enthusiasts".

December 01, 2003

Davissons Ltd Fall 2003 Catalogue: My copy of this catalogue arrived today. Items 174 through 213 are 18th Century British Trade Tokens. Catalogue includes many other choice items from Greek Gold and Silver to a small collection of coin scales and useful reference publications for the token collector. Davissons can be contacted at or (320) 685-3835 .
Davissons Ltd Auction 20: Lots for Auction 20 will include "superb copper from the Boulton family estate" and "part of the Bill Wahl collection of 18th century trade tokens". Lots will be available for viewing at FUN show 8-10 January 2004 and New York International Coin Fair 15-17 January 2004. Davissons can be contacted at or (320) 685-3835 .
DNW Auction 60: My catalogue arrived today and DNW's 9-10 Dec 2003 auction includes 18th century tokens as lots 1236 through 1269 as well as the usual selection of outstanding items in the more than 2000 total lots. More info is available at Dix Noonan Web from Conders for Sale page.