Other Resources

Baldwin Auction #61: Over 400 lots of conder tokens from the 26 May 2009 auction can be viewed at http://www.baldwin.co.uk/61-British-Tokens.pdf .

Bcoin.Com: An extensive collection of links to coin sites well organized into categories ranging from "American Coins" to "World Coins".

British Coin Collectors' Site: Dedicated to collecting British Coins. Has an excellent overview of conders or "18th Century Provincial Token Coinage" by Gary Sriro which you can also reach directly here.

Collectors Society Forum: The society is a "vibrant community of enthusiasts" and "the perfect place to share your passion for collecting with your peers around the world. Membership is open to all devotees of coins, currency and comic books". Conder Token discussions can be found within NGC-NCS -PMG Forum under World and Ancient Coins / Ask a World Coin Expert . (29 June 2009)

Coin Shows: Over 500 worldwide Coin Shows listed plus a coin Yellow Pages directory.

Coin Today: Calls itself the "Premier Numismatic News Source Online" and it could very well be ... lots of material here in a well built site ... certainly worth checking out for general numismatic information.

Conder Cabinet: The Conder Cabinet website is "dedicated to the study and enjoyment of Conder tokens. It consists of high quality full color images of choice tokens donated to the site by persons interested in furthering the hobby of collecting these remarkable pieces of art and history. The goal of the site is to display a fine image of each major token type, arranged by county and DH number". Your comments and image contributions should be sent to: Michael Grogan mngrogan@comcast.net .

Conder Token Collector's Club Georgetown CT: The club publishes a very informative quarterly journal with scholarly and entertaining articles plus advertisements from collectors and dealers worldwide.

Conder Token Gallery: Michael Swoveland, who's primary area of interest is medieval and early milled English coinage, has put together a gallery on his WNC Coins site.

Discussion Group: An online group at Yahoo for conder enthusiasts - good place to contact conder collectors directly.

Early British Tokens: Non-commercial site, lots of images.

English Merchant Tokens: Read an excellent article entitled "English Merchant Tokens" by Richard G. Doty.

EBAY Recent Conder auctions: Recent auctions sorted by price.

Eurekster: New search engine that allows use of SearchGroups to focus your search by area of interest ... in this case the focus is UK Provincial Tokens. Your participation is encouraged. (27 Mar 2004)
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GENUKI: The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland. It is a noncommercial service, provided by volunteers in cooperation with the Federation of Family History Societies and a number of its member societies. Seems an excellent place to begin researching counties and names associated with tokens. Another is Curious Fox .

Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA): ICTA is a National Trade Association for the Rare Coin / Precious Metals / Tangible Assets Industry currently addressing many issues that impact collectors ... such as a VAT or National Sales Tax and Internet taxation. (21 June 2004)

Maps: Here's a site that provides access to Britain's most extensive digital historical map archive.

Mott Token: A detailed article from the Coin and Currency Collections in the Department of Special Collections University of Notre Dame Libraries on this colonial item with the edge lettering "PAYABLE AT LIVERPOOL, LONDON OR BRISTOL".

MyCoinCabinet.Com: A web site of images of a nice collection of 18th Century British Provincial Token Coinage (Conder Tokens) by Cliff Lawless that includes tokens from Anglesey, Cork, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lanarkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire, Somersetshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Warwickshire and more. The web site has a great search feature to find tokens that are included ... very impressive. (27 Oct 2006)

Napoleonic Medals Site Conder Collection: A direct link to great catalog of Conder material arranged by D&H number.

News Group Postings: Uses Google to extract conder postings in News Groups sorted by date.

Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS): A non-profit educational organization founded in 1980 to support and promote the use and collecting of numismatic literature.

Parys Mountain Underground Group: Learn more about the historic Parys mountain copper mines near Amlwch in Anglesey and some Anglo-Irish Copper Mining Tokens Of The Late Eighteenth Century.

Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG): The PNG is "a nonprofit organization composed of the world's top rare coin and paper money experts. As numismatic professionals, our primary mission is to make the hobby safe for collectors and investors by maintaining rigid standards of excellence for our member dealers". (21 June 2004)

Provincial Token Coinage: Part 9 in a series on "Coinage of Great Britain. Celtic to Decimalisation" by Ken Elks from June 2003 addresses the three main waves of tokens in the UK, during the 17th Century from 1648-1670, the late 18th Century (1787-1797) and early in the 19th Century, circa 1810-1812. (16 Feb 2004)

Royal Numismatic Society: The Society was founded in 1836. Lectures and publications deal with classical, Asian, medieval and modern coins, paper money, tokens and medals.

Selgin, George: George is a Professor of Economics in The Terry College of Business at University of Georgia. His principal research areas are monetary and banking theory, monetary history, and macroeconomics. He is currently focusing on an "episode involving copper coinage that took place in Britain from 1787 to 1797". Hmmmmm. Sound familiar? Extensive excerpts from book in progress called "Good Money: How a bunch of Button Makers beat Gresham's Law, solved the most urgent Economic Problem of their day, and cleared the way for the Industrial Revolution." are available from his web site. (19 Feb 2004)

Supplies: Search for coin collecting supplies at Yahoo, Google, Altavista, AlltheWeb and Lycos.

Token Corresponding Society: The Token Corresponding Society has an annual congress and publishes a quarterly bulletin which does sometimes include "Conder" type material though the majority of the content is related to token material that does not appear in standard catalogues. Further information on the Token Corresponding Society is available from David Young / 89 Gillards Close / Rockwell Green / Wellington / Somerset / TA21 9DX (23 Sep 2006)

Token Publishing: Produces "Coin News" and "Medal News" in the UK. A free trial issue is available.

Wilkinson, John: Article on the Trade Tokens of John Wilkinson.

Wilkinson Family, Ironmasters: Extensive overview by Jock and Jan Carlisle that came to my attention while reading George Selgin's "Good Money" where it is cited as a reference. (26 Feb 2004)

W.J.Noble Collection: The W.J.Noble Collection of British Tokens, which was sold in 1998, has been added to the online catalogue archive at Noble Numismatics. This collection is quite comprehensive and there are over 4000 images ... it is an exceptional resource for any Conder enthusiast. (26 May 2005)

WNCCOINS.COM Conder Token Gallery: There is a very good collection of conder images at WNCCOINS.COM that is well worth a visit. (21 Jul 2007)

World Coin News: Published monthly by Krause Publications.

And Everything Else (?): Search for Conder Tokens at Yahoo, Google, Altavista, AlltheWeb and Lycos.