October 28, 2004

Good Progress with "Good Money": George Selgin has written regarding the book he is currently working on about Great Britain's commercial coinage experience between 1787 and 1821, that the prologue and six of the book's nine chapters are now completed, and that the latest drafts of these are online, in pdf format, on his personal page.

October 21, 2004

CTCC Journal Volume IX Number 3 Fall 2004: The 33rd consecutive issue of this informative CTCC publication arrived in the mail today. Features include "Token Tales - Fresh Fish, Alive, Alive Oh!" by R.C. Bell,"Gold Conder Tokens" by Michael Knight, "The Canals of Britain and Their Tokens" by Bill McKivor, "Canal Restoration and Conder Tokens" by David Jones, "An Allegorical Octet" by Tom Fredette, "The Warley Issue" by A.W. Fox, "Bigod's Castle" by James Hartcup and more. The quarterly Journal comes with membership in the Conder Token Collector's Club. Contact Gregg Moore (gregg.moore@comcast.net) for further membership info or visit the Conder Token Collector's Club web site for further CTCC info.

October 20, 2004

DNW COINEX Week Auction Results: The DNW Internews Page reports that "There was huge pre-sale interest in the offering of the first part of the important collection of 18th century tokens formed by the late Dr David Spence of Pittsburgh, with the 238 lots on offer disposed of in 90 minutes for £57,860 (£66,539), over £20,000 more than anticipated." Visit DNW for a more complete auction report and prices realized.
Conder Cabinet Update: Currently there are 307 images
available at The Conder Cabinet including a recently added half dozen beautiful Northumberland tokens courtesy of Dr. Gary Sriro ... take a look in the Cabinet, then take a look at tokens in your own collection and consider sending some image contributions to: Michael Grogan mngrogan@comcast.net .

October 18, 2004

Conder Concordance Prototype: I've put together a prototype search form which will accept search words you find on a token face or edge, identify tokens that have those words, and identify pages in D&H where these tokens can be found to finalize identification. This concordance has a long way to go before it is particularly useful ... right now there is only information from about 60 tokens, starting from Bedfordshire DH1 (page 1 of 1996 DH), loaded in the database. I'm looking for volunteers to help with the data entry into a simple Excel spreadsheet ... the 7000 or so tokens to go could be "easily" handled by 35 people doing 200 each ... except for maybe the mules. I'm also thinking that this prototype could easily be expanded to index token appearances in Bell and in the 2004 DH, and possibly include links to images in The Conder Cabinet where they are available.