October 21, 2004

CTCC Journal Volume IX Number 3 Fall 2004: The 33rd consecutive issue of this informative CTCC publication arrived in the mail today. Features include "Token Tales - Fresh Fish, Alive, Alive Oh!" by R.C. Bell,"Gold Conder Tokens" by Michael Knight, "The Canals of Britain and Their Tokens" by Bill McKivor, "Canal Restoration and Conder Tokens" by David Jones, "An Allegorical Octet" by Tom Fredette, "The Warley Issue" by A.W. Fox, "Bigod's Castle" by James Hartcup and more. The quarterly Journal comes with membership in the Conder Token Collector's Club. Contact Gregg Moore (gregg.moore@comcast.net) for further membership info or visit the Conder Token Collector's Club web site for further CTCC info.

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