July 30, 2004

CTCC Journal Volume IX Number 2 Summer 2004: The 32nd consecutive issue of this CTCC publication arrived in the mail today. Features include "Token Tales - Thomas Paine in France" by R.C. Bell, the third part of "Britain's Big Problem" by George Selgin, "John Howard F.R.S. Humanitarian" by Tom Fredette, "Notes on 'The Virtuoso's Companion and Coin Collector's Guide'" by Michael Knight, "The Bacon of Dunmow and Why it Needs a Lawyer" by Tony Fox, and much more . The quarterly Journal comes with membership in the Conder Token Collector's Club. Contact Gregg Moore (gregg.moore@comcast.net) for further membership info.

July 12, 2004

The Conder Cabinet is "Open": Mike Grogan has announced that this website at www.thecondercabinet.org which consists of high quality full color images of choice tokens is "up and running" with 175 fine images and more expected to be added almost daily. Well worth repeated visits and providing an image or two for use. Your comments and image contributions should be sent to: Michael Grogan mngrogan@comcast.net .

July 06, 2004

New Price List from The Copper Corner: List #37 for July-September 2004 with 18th Century "Conders", 17th and 19th Century tokens and more from The Copper Corner is available. Bill also provides a short take on the "state of the token".