Conders for Sale

AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia: Tokens, medals, buttons, badges, ribbons, World's Fair, Political, Masonic/Fraternal, Indian Peace Medals, Slave Tags, More! Has several detailed write-ups on conders.

ABC Coins and Tokens: David Stuart's Alnwick British & Colonial Coins & Tokens - Offering a wide range of material, economically priced to suit most budgets and collections, ranging from medieval to present, but specialising in Scottish coins and British 18th century commercial tokens or "Conders".

A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd: Has a wide range of 18th century tokens in stock. Call or write with your want list to 00 44 171 930 6879 ; A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd 11 Adelphi Terrace London WC2N 6BJ UK

ANA Dealership Specialties Listing: British Conder Token Specialists in the American Numismatic Association.

Bob Hall Coins: Robert P Hall's specialties are Australia/Pacific Islands, British Conder Tokens, World Coins. He can be reached by mail at PO Box 20186 Waco, TX 76702 and by phone at 254-772-9730. (31 Jan 04)

Byzantine Coin Store: Larry Gaye, who has been collecting Conder tokens since 1985, has some fine items available at his web site.

Cheapside Tokens: Larry Gaye is in the process of migrating his conder items from his site, the Byzantine Coin Store to a new site, Cheapside Tokens.

Coins, Ancient Artefacts & Old Bottles: A web site that is "updated every single week" and "designed and built for people interested in genuine Coins, Artefacts & Old Bottles" which also seems to always have some conders available. (12 Aug 2004)

Coins for Sale: Coins for Sale is a website that sells British Coins, Conder Halfpennies, Foreign and Colonial Coins. They also sell Notgeld's and World Currency. (3 Feb 2009)

Conder An attractive new site with tokens for sale as well as other conder information.(29 June 2009)

The Copper Corner: Bill McKivor's excellent site which has tokens for sale in all price ranges as well as a wealth of other "copper" material.

Cybercoins: A complete web site of coins, stamps and related hobbies which has a nice selection of tokens for sale. (09 Dec 03)

Dave McDonald Rare Coins and Maps: Dave McDonald's specialties are British, British Conder Tokens, U.S. Coins. He can be reached by mail at PO Box 2150 Westminister, MD 21158, by phone at 888-876-6226 and by email at (31 Jan 04)

Davissons Ltd: Frequent major auctions with tokens. Recent prices realized are available for purchase. Email, call or write ; (320) 685-3835 ; Davissons Ltd Cold Spring MN 56320-1050

Dix.Noonan.Web: Specialist auctioneers and valuers of coins and medals.

EBAY Conder tokens: A direct link to current conder token auctions on EBAY using keywords "conder" or "condor" (yes, I had to do it) and "token".

Falmouth Stamp & Coin: Has an extensive inventory of Conders which is available online .

Tony Fein: Fixed price list 11 or 12 times a year includes tokens. Visit online inventory, call or write (727) 536-7475 Tony Fein PO Box 17672 Clearwater FL 33762-0672

Galata: Established in 1971, Galata has a very good selection of tokens listed for sale.

Richard Gladdle: Free list of over 1000 18th and 19th century tokens. Call or write to 0044 1327 858511 ; Richard Gladdle 9 Cork Street London W1X 1PD UK

George Manz Coins: A specialist in Canadian coins, George Manz Coins carries a selection of 18th Century British tokens. Manz's article on British Tavern tokens from August 2002 issue of The Numismatist is also well worth a look.

Groll Coins: Serving the collector of 18th Century British Trade Tokens, British Regal and Colonial Coinage, evasions, counterfeits, and various mediums of exchange. Email, call or write to Groll Coins at ; 443.223.0399 ; Groll Coins P.O. Box 255, White Hall, VA 22987 (20 Sep 2006)

Latter Investments, Inc: Ernie Latter of Latter Investments, Inc always has a selection of conders available for sale at his web site.

Peter Morris Dealer in Coins & Medals: Paul Morris's web site contains an extensive list of historic tokens as well as much more. (06 Mar 04)

Paul Redford: Paul Redford's specialties are British, British Conder Tokens, On-Line Auctions and Services. He can be reached by mail at Paul Redford 'Seraglio' Workhouse Lane Westfield, East Sussex TN35 4QJ United Kingdom; by phone at 011-01424-753118; and by email at (31 Jan 04)

S&B Coin and Metal Bulletin: Send for free quarterly listing which includes tokens. Email, call or write to ; 01234-270260 ; Simon Monks Grass Walk, Wood Lane, South Heath, Great Missenden, Bucks, HP16 0RB

Simmons Gallery: Auctioneers of coins, weights, tokens, medals and more.

Garysriro on Ebay: When he's selling (and he was recently) Gary Sriro offers some of the finest quality conders you are likely to find on EBAY.

Spink: Coin dealers and auctioneers since the 1830's. Spink are a part of the Christie's group.

Token Examiner: Jerry Bobbe has been "enthusiastically pursuing conders for over 25 years". A price list is available. Call or write Jerry Bobbe / PO Box 25817 /Portland, OR 97298 / 503-626-1075 .

Vale Coins UK: This site has Roman, Byzantine, Ancient Greek, and British coins as well as medals, medallions or 17th and 18th century tokens. (30 Aug 2011)