March 24, 2010

Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens

Digital Numismatic Reference for Conder Token: Wow ! This looks like it could be extremely useful. Web site at offers The Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens - The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Digital Quick Reference which is described as "having twice the utility of a hard copy of D&H and is available at a fraction of the cost".

Benefits cited include "Statistical Price Analysis, Streamlined Content and Vastly Improved Organization, Instant Token Search, Graphically Organized Click Index, Fully Illustrated with Thousands of Colourised Images, Fully Printable, Zoom-able, Expertly Optimized File Size, No waiting for snail mail to deliver a book - download your copy almost immediately".

Learn more at Coin Talk or go directly to now ...
Latest Scans CD from Dr. Gary Sriro: If you haven't got this CD yet maybe its time to pick up a copy.
Stop overpaying for tokens that are more common than you think. SAVE MONEY!! Now on CD, 3850 Conder tokens with large, full color, high resolution scans with population numbers. Magnified details become an excellent research tool. Updated modern rarity guide is included. Price: $39 + $4 S&H
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