April 23, 2004

Reprint of book by James Mudie: Mike Grogan has recently identified "Historical and Critical Account of a Grand Series of National Medals" as a book that may very likely be of interest to conder collectors. Mike writes, "In 1820, a gentleman named James Mudie produced a beautiful series of 40 bronze medals for sale. They depict people and events in British history over the preceding decades, primarily the Napoleonic wars period. Many of the subjects relate directly to the conder token era and/or depict people who also appear on conder tokens. He [Mudie] also published a book describing and illustrating the medals, including brief biographies of the people.....some were still living at the time! This makes fascinating reading, but the original book is rare and expensive. I have just obtained a newly published high quality reprint from Naval & Military Press ."

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