September 01, 2005

Simmons Gallery MailBid 35: The Harry Chambers Collection of Tokens, Checks and Passes is advertised as the largest offering of tokens Simmons Gallery have ever made by number. There are over 1280 lots of British (and a few foreign) tokens from 17th-20th centuries (including over 100 Kent 17th century tokens and some splendid GB18th century ones), advertising tokens, pub checks, theatre & leisure passes, regal evasions, unoffical farthings, toy money, calendar medals and the best collection of farm checks and market checks on the market for a long time. The auction closes 4 October 2005. Simmons Gallery can be found online at . This morning, while I'm posting this, the link for "MB35 TOKENS, CHECKS AND PASSES POSTAL AUCTION online" at top of the Simmons Gallery page is taking me to MB34 but the link further down on page in the "Current" column for "Tokens Postal Auction MB35 current to 4 October 2005" works fine. I imagine link at top of page will be corrected shortly.

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