July 04, 2006

Dr. Richard Doty Reference Collection - Copper Corner List #45: Bill McKivor of The Copper Corner has sent out List #45 for July 2006 offering the extensive token collection formed by Dr. Richard Doty, Curator of the National Money Collection at the Smithsonian Museum, the first elected president of the CTCC, and author of numerous numismatic articles and books including "The Soho Mint and the Industrialization of Money". In addition to the Doty collection this lastest list from Copper Corner also contains 17th Century tokens, Unofficial Farthings, 19th Century tokens, Silver tokens from 1811-1813, reference books for token collectors, Hard Times tokens, Civil War cents, Medals and more. If you're not getting Bill's lists sent directly to you, you should be. Bill can be reached at Copperman@thecoppercorner.com .

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