October 06, 2006

Conder Token Collector's Journal Vol XI Number 3 Fall 2006 #41
CTCC Journal Volume XI Number 3 Fall 2006: The 41st consecutive issue of the Conder Token Collector's Club publication, the cover of which is shown to the left, is in the mail. Features include "Essex Edgeways" by Tony Fox, "Thomas Sharp - Token Triple Threat" by Harold Welch, "The David Spence Collection" by Peter Preston-Morley, "Iron Bridge Construction" by Bill Wahl, "Issac Newton's Tokens" by Tom Fredette, "Four New Varieties of Camac Tokens" by Greg Silvis, "Conder Questions and a Poem" by Richard Coult and much more ... including the 2006 Club Member Medal. The new medal can be seen along with other club medals in the gallery at http://conderclub.org/medals.html . The quarterly Journal comes with membership in the Conder Token Collector's Club and is very much an essential reference for Conder collectors and enthusiasts worldwide ... not just for the articles but for the sense of community one gets by reading what others in the field are interested in and what they are doing. Contact Rachel Irish (mrIrish5@adelphia.net) for further CTCC membership info or visit the Conder Token Collector's Club web site for further CTCC info.

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