October 08, 2007

Conder Token Collector's Journal Vol XII Number 3 Fall 2007 #45
CTCC Journal Volume XII Number 3 Fall 2007 #45: The 45th consecutive issue of the Conder Token Collector's Club publication, the cover of which is shown to the left, arrived last Friday. Features include "The Seventeeth Century Tokens of Saffron Walden, Essex" by Tony Fox, "David Alves Rebello" by Melvyn Brooks [Reprinted from 'Hackney History'], "A Review of 'Our English Towns and Villages'" by Tom Fredette, "William Booth, The Perry Barr Forger " by John Free [reprinted from the Birmingham Weekly Post of Saturday November 12, 1932] and more. The quarterly Journal comes with membership in the Conder Token Collector's Club and is very much an essential reference for Conder collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Original articles by club members are the heart of the Journal. You need not be a token "expert" to contribute an interesting and worthwhile article. Consider joining the Club and doing an article for the next issue. Contact Rachel Irish (mrIrish5@adelphia.net) for further CTCC membership info or visit the Conder Token Collector's Club web site for further CTCC info.

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