January 31, 2006

2006 Conder Token SCAN CD: Gary Sriro's outstanding Conder Token SCAN CD has been updated. The new version is now available at $36 and $3 for domestic shipping ($4 for International). Gary writes:
"What's new....A LOT. I have added over 600 tokens this last year, more than 400 brand new ones and another 200 tokens were upgraded. The number of token scans on this CD now stands at 3,119.

The data base from which populations are generated grew from 27,000 entries to now over 33,000. Population numbers have changed on probably 95% of the scans, and for many tokens, the actual rarity has changed as well. Thus there has been a new update on the rarity levels, and up to what population number is allowed for each 5 rarity level. You will find hundreds of departures from the D&H book.

If you wish this new CD - it's first public offering - and several pages of informational enclosures, let me know."
I have Gary's 2005 Scan issue and am looking forward to getting the 2006 update. This CD is another essential addition to the reference library of any Conder collector or enthusiast. Gary can be reached at gsriro@sbcglobal.net for orders or additional information ... or you can buy a 2006 Conder Token SCAN CD right now with PAYPAL using Gary's email address (gsriro@sbcglobal.net) to make the transaction ... only $36 and $3 for domestic shipping ($4 for International).

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