January 25, 2006

NumisLinks.com: A new resource for numismatists and coin collectors has been launched at www.NumisLinks.com . According to the owner, S.J. Miller, NumisLinks.com is designed to be a categorized listing of the best coin information on the Internet. Sounds promising, yes? Unlike a simple directory where, typically, only the main page of a site is listed, the administrators of NumisLinks.com study a prospective numismatic website and dig deep into the site to find the highest quality pages of information that are then included in specific categories in the NumisLinks directory. This 'Human Spidering' leads to very specific and high quality resources being listed in the index. Hmmmmm? Human Spidering? There are already several token sites listed ... all apparently put there at one time last May ... but speaking of 'high quality resources' ... I have submitted the Conder Token Enthusiast.

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