January 29, 2007

2007 Conder Token Scans CD: Gary Sriro's outstanding Conder Token Scans CD has been updated again. The new version is now available at $39 including domestic US shipping or at $40 including international shipping. Gary writes:
"My new 2007 Conder Token Scans CD is done and ready for shipment. It now contains high resolution color scans of both sides of 3,400 tokens, up from the previous 3,100. It's getting harder and harder to find tokens to add, and a lot more expensive to boot. In addition to the 300 brand new tokens with their never-before-seen population numbers, at least 2,000 existing tokens have had new population number changes. Not only have tokens been added, but numerous other tokens have been upgraded which now yield even better and more attractive images. Additionally, the data base which generates the population numbers has grown this year from 33,000 entries to 38,000. To make it into the data base, the token must be at least an 'American' VF or VF for issue, or better, and identified with a D&H number. Thus the population database reflects only properly described and 'collectible' quality token numbers. With the purchase of the new cd, enclosure sheets will be included, containing an updated rarity scale.

If it seems you have been seeing many of the same tokens over and over, your eyes (and memory) have not been deceiving you! I've found the ten most populous tokens in declining order to be: Hamp. 89, Sussex 15, Yorksh. 63, Somerset. 26, Mdsx. 393 and 804c, Suffolk 35, Warwicksh. 50, Glouc. 60 and Mdsx. 295. These ten tokens account for 830 entries (average of 83 prices and entries/token) of the 38,000 entries, and 5,103 other D&H numbers collectively make up the balance (average of 7.4 prices and entries/token). Thought you might be interested in this little morsel of information.

If you who wish to have the new cd and live in the U. S. please send check, cash, money order or Paypal for a $39 which includes shipping, to the address below or use my email address for Paypal payment. If you are outside the U.S., please use Paypal or send $40 cash.

I also have an easy to use and deadly accurate companion Conder Token Identifier on CD, too. Please contact me for further information on this powerful reference tool. Many thanks and best wishes to all........Gary"
This CD is an absolutely essential addition to the reference library of any Conder collector or enthusiast. Gary can be reached by email at gsriro@sbcglobal.net, by post at 18861 Colony Circle Villa Park, CA 92861 or by phone at 714-998-1151 for orders or additional information ... or you can buy a 2007 Conder Token Scans CD right now with PAYPAL using Gary's email address (gsriro@sbcglobal.net) to make the transaction ... only $39 with US domestic shipping or $40 with international shipping. If I did the math correctly that works out to spending just a bit more than 1 cent per token shown on Gary's 2007 Conder Token Scans CD ... yikes ... sounds like a great deal to me.

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