January 10, 2007

Catalog for Davissons Auction 25 with Charles II pattern crownDavissons Ltd Auction 25: Catalog for Auction 25 which includes "Exceptional, Unusual, Important Coins, Tokens and Medals" and which closes Thursday 1 February 2007 arrived earlier this week. Lots 204 - 214 are "British Trade Tokens". The auction also includes a wide range of many other exceptionally attractive coins (including a Charles II pattern crown by Simon with the REDDITE edge reading), as well as medals and books which make up the total of 267 lots. There is no buyer's fee for this auction and many of the lots will be available for viewing at the upcoming New York International Numismatic Convention. Davissons can be contacted by email at coins@davissons.net, by phone at (320) 685-3835 and can be found on the web at www.britishcoins.com or www.classiccoins.com .

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